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Guru Mahi

Guru Mahi Has Taught Yoga In India, Asia, Africa, Europe, And The Middle East As Well.

From an early age Guru Mahi was introduced to yoga. His whole family followed the yogic principles practicing pranayama and meditation. Sri Ramana Maharishi a renowned Indian Yogi Master was his father’s teacher, and Mahi’s father endeavored to pass on the precious yogic knowledge imparted to him to his young son. Mahi naturally began to pursue a life of spiritual seeking.

Coming of age Mahi began to seek to continue his education on the yogic path, he travelled India practicing and learning from renowned Guru’s such as Jois in Mysore, on discovering Iyengar yoga Mahi began to develop his signature approach and interest in the healing quality of yoga, mostly concentrating on alignment and anatomy.

Mahi is renowned as a yoga teacher who has a style of teaching that is entirely his own. He teaches a combination of pure Vedic knowledge, intuitive alignment and hands on adjustment which creates a harmonious balance that helps to prevent and alleviate ailments and injuries specific to each individual practitioner.

Amy Suzanne Yoga Teacher

Amy Suzanne

Amy discovered the gift of Yoga as a teen, when she enrolled on a yoga course with her Mother. This seed grew into a daily practice and curiosity to understand the ancient Eastern Science of Yoga.

Whilst working as a Primary school teacher, Amy found an outlet to share her Yoga practice. She saw the need for children to learn and play with mindfulness and creativity. So she began facilitating ‘Kids Yoga’ classes.  Her ‘Kids Yoga’ classes are  a dynamic combination of storytelling, asana, pranayama and mindfulness techniques. Amy believes every child is unique and tries to instil a love of learning in a safe and harmonious environment for children to share and learn together.

Amy eventually felt called to India in order to immerse herself entirely into the ancient practice of yoga. Completing 500 hrs yoga training in India with Guru Mahi. 

Through Yoga Amy found a deeper connection to herself, a re-balancing effect physically, mentally and spiritually. She believes that looking within and reconnecting with the self through yoga creates a healing experience which spreads outside into the community and finally the world. She hopes by sharing Yoga this connection and clarity of vision will help to bring balance to other peoples lives and ultimately help to balance our fast paced world. 

In Amy’s Yoga classes you can expect to find an exploration of the self through flowing movement meditation, attention to alignment  with moments of stillness and introspection that leave you feeling re-freshed, re-energised and re-connected.

You can find her teaching on yoga teacher training’s internationally as well as in Britain where she guides Vinyasa flow, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga classes and private therapeutic Yoga sessions.  She also offers yearly Yoga retreats in Europe.
As well as CPD courses for qualified Yoga Teachers.

Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar is a full-time travelling yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga from childhood, by grace of divine he was born in family who was already engaged in spiritual practice and this is how yoga came naturally to him. Ashok is certified by Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) & Quantity council of India by Governmental body of India & EYT500 under yoga alliance USA.His whole purpose of teaching is to help the student to be in a peace with self; to achieve a balanced mind and a pure body. Ashok sees Yoga as an art of tuning our mind, our energy, inner sound of our existence with divine energy, and that’s what he teaches and spreads among his students. Apart from Ashtanga classes, and theoretical classes, Ashok also leads Osho Meditation sessions, that help the students to reach the state of feeling delighted in their own presence, their own being. Ashok ji teach at Mahi yoga Hatha yoga Ashtanga yoga yin yoga philosophy Meditation.

Kunal Chib

Kunal Chib raised in a North Indian Hindu family.

Kunal’s upbringing inspired him to continue exploring the depth of yoga and yogic philosophy while teaching, sharing, and practicing at Mahi Yoga school. From an early age Kunal was introduced to yoga by his grandfather, a devotee of Lord Krishna, who practiced pranayama and meditation on a daily basis. As a child, Kunal watched his grandmother and mother follow the path of Bhakti yoga, emanating their love and devotion to Lord Shiva. Consequently, Kunal was curious to experience and embark on his own spiritual journey since his teenage years.

After completing his bachelor degree in arts Kunal went to Himachal Pradesh University for a bachelor in Physical Education. After finishing his B.P.Ed Kunal wanted to focus on and delve deeper into yoga. Hence, he completed a diploma in Yoga education from Himachal Pradesh University. Thereafter, Kunal served in the boarding school DPS Badhani for 5 years.

With a desire to discover more about yoga he moved to the dhauladhar mountains in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala. Here he found his Guru Mahi (Mahinder Prasad) Kunal has learned a lot about meditation techniques and spiritual principles from his Guruji and has completed 200 hour yoga teacher training (YTT) in dharamsala India. After finishing his 200 hours YTT, Kunal practised and taught yoga in villages for some time before moving onto a more advanced training in multi-style therapeutic yoga in 2015 – thereby completing 300 hours YTT. Under the supervision and guidance of his Guru ji, Kunal completed his 500 training in 2015. Here, Kunal developed a great understanding of how to utilize props and understand biomechanics of body work.

As a teacher at Mahi Yoga, Kunal loves to share his broad knowledge of Anatomy and Art of teaching. Kunal is a positive and engaging teacher who teaches a range of styles including: Hatha yoga, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, Iyengar yoga, Therapeutic yoga & Restorative yoga.

We look forward to welcoming new students to come and join the community and share all the facilities in Mahi Yoga school.

Ajay Sharma

Ajay is a son of Himalayan Shepard ,Which is in the upper areas of the Himalayas (Northern India) Himachal Pradesh . His father is a Hatha yogi.
Ajay was born in the forest and grew up with nature and sheep and goats. His connection with nature was deep from childhood. Yoga was taught to him by his father in the young age, since then he has been practicing it and has attained perfection in it at the age of 21. After that he has started sharing his knowledge to others.And his aim is to eliminate unrighteousness from the world and awakening people from ignorance to knowledge and lead them to supreme bliss.

“Yoga comes from practice, yoga comes from knowledge, knowledge leads to love, and love leads to bliss.”