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Pregnancy is a wonderful time that holds many changes, it can be blissful and equally challenging, emotionally and physically. Prenatal Yoga has a multitude of benefits for both mum and baby, as well as to assist in childbirth and beyond.

Become a certified and confident Prenatal Yoga teacher. Complete the course in our purpose made Yoga centres in either Dharamshala in North India or Varkla in South India. This premium course is created and will be delivered by Amy Suzanne who is a mother and an experienced pre and postnatal yoga teacher and trainer with years of experience teaching women during this life changing and wonderful time of their life. She has international experience teaching and training in Britain, Europe, Asia and India.

You can expect a full and detailed curriculum delivered by an experienced team.

On successful completion of this course qualified teachers will be able to register as a prenatal yoga teacher. You can start teaching Prenatal Yoga worldwide. 

All other students will receive a certificate of completion.

During this training the main focus will be:

course work certification Completion requirements

Subjects include

About Prenatal Yoga:

* The benefits of prenatal Yoga
* Possible contraindications


* The 3 trimesters
* Hormonal changes
* Common conditions during pregnancy
* The pelvis
* The Pelvic Floor
* The Vena Cava
* Diastasis recti


* Nadis
* Chakras
* Prana
* Vayu’s
* Koshas and three bodies
* Pranayama for pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga:

* Prenatal Yoga sequence for the hips
* Prenatal Yoga sequence for back ache
* Prenatal Yoga sequence for tight shoulders
* Prenatal Yoga sequence for the hips
* Partner prenatal yoga sequence
* Prenatal birthing ball sequence
* Prenatal chair yoga
* Mudras and chanting
* Meditations and affirmations
* Hypno Birthing
* Yoga Nidra


* Birthing stages
* Hypno birthing
* Birthing positions
* Breath awareness for birthing
* Birth trauma
* Cesarean birth
* Breech birth
* Spinning babies

Postnatal Yoga:

* The 4th Trimester
* Breastfeeding
* Benefits and contraindications
* Postnatal Yoga sequence for regular birth
* Postnatal Yoga sequence for cesarean
* Postnatal Yoga sequence for diastasis recti
* Postnatal Yoga sequence for pelvic floor

Parent and Baby Yoga:

* Benefits and contraindications
* parent and baby yoga sequence


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This Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is aimed at qualified Yoga teachers, healthcare workers, midwifes, doulas or pregnant women with a sound understanding of yoga. It is fully registerd with Yoga Alliance and the certification is accepted world wide.

If you want to learn how to support pregnant women and new mothers physically, spiritually and emotionally through this life changing time. And how to teach and adapt a class safely and effectively to all stages of pre and postnatal women,
then register now.



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Pricing Plan:


Daily Schedule

course work certification Completion requirements

100% attendance and participation in the course.
Behaviour must be respectful at all times.
Assignment and homework that must be completed on time, before certification will be confirmed.
There will be a practical teaching exam.