Why a Meditation Retreat Himalayas is a Great Idea?

meditation retreat himalayas

Which is a place that you go to for a short period to escape the rush of daily life and find peace and inner reflection? It is something a lot of pf yoga ashrams and schools often organize for the benefit of their students. While there are many places that are quite popular for yoga retreats, a meditation retreat in Himalayas is something every yoga enthusiast should try at least once in their lifetime. When someone mentions retreat, the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is a vacation to a resort with all of your colleagues. There are lots of food and games. It is a weekend of fun and frolic with no worrying about the piling files on your desk. Unfortunately, the corporate mindset has sunk its teeth into our minds so deep that we forget the original meaning of a retreat. 

Types of yoga retreats

There are many types of retreats that a yoga school can organize. There are yoga retreats, meditation retreats, Vipassana retreats, health retreats, fasting retreats, and many more. The purpose of each is different. They focus on different aspects of the life of yogis and aim to improve them. From the name itself, you can deduce that a meditation retreat is one where a person focuses on meditation only. It helps yogis refine different meditation techniques and perfect them to achieve better results. Often, these retreats cover more than one aspect to combine the benefits of both. For example, many yoga retreats will also feature meditation sessions.

The key to a successful meditation retreat is to forget about everything else and give yourself in entirely to the exercise for those few days. If you keep thinking about the life you left back at home and the workplace, you will never really be able to achieve focus. The reason these retreats are organized is to remove all the distractions that often hold a person back from giving his or her everything to the exercise. Once a person sees what he or she can achieve without those fetters, they are automatically able to perform better in the normal classes too. The changes may be subtle, but they will be permanent.

Learn how to meditate

If you have been learning yoga for some time now, you will know its history. Yoga was the creation of ascetics to help them gain mastery over the vital energies in their body. These ascetics mostly lived in remote locations deep in the jungles or high up in the mountains. Meditating on a Himalayan peak is a common picture present throughout Indian mythology. Now it is not possible to open every yoga school in Himalayan locations. That is why many yoga schools and ashrams often organize meditation retreats in Himalayas. Let us look at some of the reasons why a meditation retreat Himalayas is the best:

  • The Himalayas provide the perfect setting for meditation. The quiet atmosphere, free of distractions, is just what a fleeting mind needs to calm down.
  • A meditation retreat Himalayas allows you to meditate in the midst of nature. Nothing can compare to sitting thousands of feet up from the bustling society, surrounded by mountains and trees, with no other sound but gurgling streams and chirping birds as you meditate.
  • The Himalayas were where yogis sat and meditated in ancient times. Going back to the same place to meditate automatically puts you in the meditative frame of mind.
  • While this is not a very important point, but the cool weather and fresh, unpolluted air will do more good for your health than you can give credit for. 
  • A bonus point is obviously the chance to visit the highest mountain range in the world! There will be many famous tourist spots around. You can visit them to add something extra to your trip.

What You Can Expect in a Meditation Retreat in Himalayas?

If you ask any person who has never been to a meditation retreat what happens in one, the answers you get will genuinely amuse you. And we cannot blame them. For one, different types of yoga retreats follow entirely different routines. On top of that, what happens in a retreat is so simple that no one ever thinks it is the right answer. The truth is, the only thing that happens in a retreat is exactly what is mentioned in its name. So if we are talking about a meditation retreat, expect there to be just that – meditation. Every activity will either be meditation or something to help you towards better meditation.

Meditation Session

A typical meditation retreat in Himalayas will have at least two, and often three, meditation sessions a day. They may or may not be of the same length. You will have to get up very early in the morning. Prepare yourself for 4 AM awakenings. This will be followed by one meditation session, usually short. Then there will be breakfast and maybe a short break. After this comes a lecture and instructions by the conductor of the retreat. The lecture will include spiritual lessons and then, you will learn about whatever practice or technique is scheduled for the day. After this comes another meditation session. Then comes the lunch break and finally, the last meditation session of the day. You will also be encouraged to practise on your own. The day ends with dinner. 

This is not a strict pattern that every meditation retreat in Himalayas follows. It is only a general outline. The initial days will be more instructional while the latter ones will be filled with more and more practice. Also, you will get the chance of having one-on-ones with the instructor to discuss personal needs and issues.

Who Should You Go on A Meditation Retreat in Himalayas With

The two most popular locations for a meditation retreat Himalayas are Rishikesh and Dharamsala. These are popular not only for their yoga schools but also for being optimum retreat locations. You can have the best meditation retreat in Himalayas you can imagine with Mahi Yoga School. It organizes retreats to both these locations and guarantees the best results too.



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