Best 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training School Dharamshala

In the creation of our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala syllabus we  have brought together ancient Vedic and yogic knowledge with the modern practices of science and teaching methodology in order to send our students out into the world secure in their yogic journey as well as confident and ready to teach.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dharamshala


At Mahi Yoga we provide 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dharamshala. A prerequisite to join our 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training is that the applicant must have completed, successfully, recognized 200hr yoga training, this may be with Mahi Yoga or another recognized school. After completion of the 300hr training the student will be qualified as a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher.

About 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dharamshala 

Our carefully designed Multistyle Yoga course provides training in three main styles of yoga: Hatha (including traditional and therapeutic), Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Vinyasa Yoga. All our courses are certified by Yoga Alliance, USA.

In our 200 hour yoga course we lay the foundations of yoga knowledge, and teaching techniques, while our 300-hour advanced course aims to build and perfect that knowledge even further. The course will hone your skills as a practitioner and a teacher. We aim for students to leave being able to instruct all levels of practitioner effectively whilst giving deeper instruction on both the subtle and physical aspects of yoga.

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala focuses on advanced teaching techniques, intelligent sequencing and the therapeutics or benefits of yoga asana. Emphasis on hands on adjustment, use of props and subtle yoga anatomy are key to the course’s success in building confident teachers. We deliver this knowledge by weaving together theory, physical practice and the subtler introspective aspects such as meditation in order to provide our students with a holistic yoga experience. We believe in learning through experience and therefore our courses are highly practical and experiential.

Even though these courses are aimed at prospective teachers, and we teach in detail how to teach, all of the knowledge learnt can be applied to the individual practitioner. Therefore we recommend the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala for practitioners who want to deepen their practice as well as those who wish to teach.

The 300 hour yoga teacher training Dharamshala is an intense course that is a total yoga immersion where you can expect to experience many positive changes. It lifts a yoga teacher’s understanding and technique to another level. Students often comment on the wonderful changes the course brings to their life.


300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Dharamshala

DatesCourseTwin SharingPrivate RoomApply Now
27 Sept to 24 Oct 2022300 Hrs YTTC1200 USD1400 USDApply Now
07 May to 04 June 2023300 Hrs YTTC1400 USD1600 USDApply Now
01 Aug to 28 Aug 2023300 Hrs YTTC1400 USD1600 USDApply Now
01 Oct to 28 Oct 2023300 Hrs YTTC1400 USD1600 USDApply Now


300 hour Yoga teacher Training Course is Suitable for:

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses are aimed at yoga teachers who already possess a 200 hr yoga qualification, and we focus highly on teaching methodology. This course may be taken in straight after a 200 hr certification course but also at anytime in the future.

Students will break down the components of each asana or yoga pose. Teachers will guide the students in their exploration of the poses through physical practice and specific asana clinic style sessions where each detail from gross to subtle elements will be discovered. Then, by applying advanced teaching methods, understand how to guide every kind of body through a yoga class with heavy focus on advanced use of props in the Iyengar style of Therapeutic yoga as well as hands on adjustment techniques.

We also recommend the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala  for dedicated practitioners (who hold a 200hr yoga qualification) who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga to a whole new level. We believe that the process of teaching brings a deeper understanding to any subject.

This course focuses highly on the precise science of yoga and the details of alignment. We do introduce some advance poses but the majority of information goes deeper. Therefore it is not necessary that an applicant is physically advanced in the practice of yoga. More importantly we hope applicants come with an open mind ready to absorb all the knowledge our teachers have to offer.

We advise applicants are physically fit for the four hours per day of yoga practice and the intensive nature of the course. Each application is considered on an individual basis. If you have any query regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Student testimonial

Hear from our student describing her experience with 300 hour yoga teacher training Dharamshala

Know the reasons to choose 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Life-Changing Experience

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a 31 day intensive course during which you will deepen your knowledge, improve your practice, and experience many life changing moments.

Certified Teachers

Our teachers are all incredibly knowledgeable and hold ERYT 500 hr, RYT 500 hr or ERYT 200 hr certificates from Yoga Alliance. We pride ourselves on the quality of teaching and content of our courses.

Renowned Destinations

Both Goa and Dharamshala have their own yogic charm and were chosen for their yogic atmosphere and connection to yoga roots. Our accommodation is at a high standard, with a vegetarian yogic food menu.

And that's not all!

As a gift we provide one yoga T-shirt, a yoga bag, and a yoga course manual. We also include a Kriya cleansing day and kit, and in Dharamshala also a field trip!

What will you get from the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

On successful completion of the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training students will have a new found depth of understanding and connection with all that is yoga. Students leave us more connected with their own practice and even more confident in their teaching abilities, especially with adjustment technique. Students often say they have a moment where everything falls into place. A resonant connection with their practice and a new found energy to share.

On successful completion of the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala, students will receive a 300 hr Certificate from Mahi Yoga. This 300 hr certificate plus the 200hr previously completed makes the individual eligible to upgrade their yoga registration to 500 hr. This course is registered with the Government of India as well as Yoga alliance USA. This certification is valid worldwide. So, students are able to register with the appropriate Yoga association in their country of choice, such as Yoga Alliance.

How is the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course structured?

We cover 300 hours of training in 31 days of intensive courses. Each day begins at 6:30 am and ends at 7 pm Monday to Friday with half-day on Saturdays. Sundays are free.

Our syllabus covers the following topics:

  • A minimum of 130 hours of Yoga Asana Practice; Including clinic style asana, asana analysis, use of props, adjustments, etc
  • A minimum of 50 hours of Teaching practice
  • 30 hours of yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics
  • 20 hours of Meditation personal practice and teaching practice
  • A minimum of 20 hours of Pranayama personal practice and teaching practice
  • 15 hours of Yoga anatomy
  • 10 hours of Ayurveda Science for daily life and yoga according to Ayurveda
  • 10 hours minimum of Teaching Methodology, including Yoga business
  • 10 hours minimum of Teaching Practicum (Instructing)
  • Other yogic related practices